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Why do I Need an Experienced Motorcycle Attorney?

Accidents involving motorcycles often cause catastrophic injuries to these unfortunate plaintiffs. Many times the road to recovery can be stretched out, and very expensive. Long term and permanent disability to the motorcyclist can also be a factor, in addition to months or years of lost income. All of this adds up to very large insurance claims, and very aggressive defenses against these people who are injured and try to recover rightful compensation that will fund their recovery, and pay their bills as they convalesce. A knowledgeable local motorbike accident attorney really can be a biker’s best friend. motorcycle accident attorneys san antonio

The vast majority of clients who retain our services do so after they realize that they are in over their heads and are damaging their case. Getting the maximum recovery is not simply a matter of diligence or negotiation skills. In other words, just because you feel you are good at arguing does not mean that you will get anywhere close to the recovery that you could be entitled to.

As unfair as it is, most insurance adjusters approach a motorcycle accident claim with the belief that the motorcyclist is at least partially to blame in the accident. The truth is that the vast majority of motorcyclists are safe riders that obey the law. And yet, as you now know, most insurance adjusters and the general public alike tend to naturally think that if a motorcyclist was injured that it was probably because they were speeding or riding recklessly.

Furthermore, many insurance adjusters have made it quite clear that they feel that even when a motorcyclist is not at fault in the accident, the simple fact that they are riding a vehicle that is harder to see than a full-sized vehicle means that they should share some of the blame for the other driver’s inability to see them. They gladly say that we live in a Liaises faire world, which basically means, “you made your bed, now you have to sleep in it.”

In the legal world, everything that you say or do can have a negative implication. Insurance adjusters know this and they routinely use tactics where they take your account of the story, then repeat it back to you in court in a manner that sounds like what you said but contains strategically placed phrasing that is designed to get you to unknowingly admit some measure of fault. Then, all they have all they need to deny your claim and even though the facts of the case may say otherwise, you unknowingly just admitted that it was your fault and that will hold up in court. Only an experienced Texas motorcycle accident lawyer can turn the tables of deceit against the insurance companies and stop them in their tracks before they use your words to hurt you.

And if you have a relative or friend who is a lawyer, even though he or she might be looking out for your best interests and pledges to fight hard for your legal rights, you might want to reconsider retaining anyone who might have a difficult time emotionally detaching him or herself from your case. Personal injury law can get very intense and quickly become very contentious. An attorney best serves his clients when he is pragmatic, focuses solely on the facts of a case and is cool under fire in order to succeed on your behalf. Too much empathy clouds one’s thinking.

What happens if that friend or relative attorney doesn’t win the case, or accepts a less-than-fair settlement because you really need the money: and leaves even more on the table than an experienced attorney would not? How will you feel about your friend or relative then? Here’s a word to the wise. Family members or friends are better at supporting – instead of being involved in – your legal business. bike crash accident law

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving any type of “non-traditional” vehicle such as a motorcycle, then call us today for a free consultation at 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free). We provide a free, comprehensive and fully confidential legal consultation. We encourage you to ask every question you need in order to completely understand your motorcycle injury case and how it is best pursued.

Our Texas motorcycle accident lawyers protect your legal rights by communicating with the insurance adjusters on your behalf, guiding you through all of the legal pitfalls, negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company, and if necessary, litigating your case effectively, and successfully, in court.