Why Are Court Reporters Needed For Legal Proceedings?

Court Reporters Needed For Legal Proceedings

This article is mainly focused on the court reporters because these individuals are often present in legal proceedings. As guardians of the record, they take down everything that is said by all parties during the proceedings. But many people want to know that why these court reporters needed for legal proceedings. Here I am enlisting some reasons; hope you find this useful:

This is done using a steno machine to capture words and phrases as they are spoken exact syllable. Court reporters are present at legal hearings and motions, depositions, trials, courts martial, settlement conferences, examinations under oath, fact-finding conferences and arbitrations.

It is not usually required by law that a stenographer is present; most lawyers will hire an independent court reporter to make sure that the opposing side has done so. There are a number of reasons attorneys prefer to have a court reporter present. Some high profile cases come in the court with legal testimony while some others are not. Being a lawyer I think hiring an impartial, accurate third party to take down the testimony prevents prolonged quibbling later. In simple words we can say that court reporters are helpful to maintain a certified written record about legal proceedings. At the end, counsel can read the true record and decide whether someone made a certain statement or not.