Pedestrian Accidents – Get A Good Lawyer

I have always loved to walk, weather permitting, anywhere I possibly could. I loved being in college and having the ability to walk all over campus and to nearby restaurants and stores at will. I love the idea of getting some exercise while also not doing additional damage to the environment. Walking is not my only way of getting around and depending on the distance and the temperature, there are times when I simply can not walk. But I moved to the city after college specifically to live downtown and be near my office and be able to walk everywhere I could possibly want to go!personal injury law

I did end up owning a car because I would occasionally have to do site visits for my job, but for the most part, I walked from my apartment building to the office every morning and back every evening. It is such a pedestrian-friendly city that I never worried much about getting into any trouble or getting hit by a car, but a couple of months ago, that is exactly what happened to me. While crossing the street on a green light, in the crosswalk, a turning vehicle who later claimed they could not see me due to sun glare actually hit me. By the time I realized they were really going to hit me it was too late to get out of the way, although I tried.

Luckily the driver stopped immediately, and did not actually run me over – just knocked me over and out in front of him. I somehow was able to keep from hitting my head but I was in a lot of pain and the folks who ran over to help me advised me not to move at all. I stayed as still as possible, laying in the street until the paramedics arrived. They put me on a backboard in case I had suffered any spinal injury and rushed me to the emergency room. My family told me later that I slipped in and out of consciousness and that by the time they got to the hospital the doctors had already rushed me into surgery for internal bleeding. My family had called a personal injury lawyer before I came out of surgery because they were not sure if the driver’s insurance would cover all of my expenses.
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The personal injury attorney was not in the room when I woke up, but according to my family was making lots of calls on my behalf

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and was already negotiating with the driver’s insurance company so that we did not have to pay anything upfront or out of pocket. I had always been a little skeptical of lawyers but it was pretty clear from the mountain of paperwork I had to fill out that I was definitely in need of one, and my personal injury attorney made sure that everything was taken care of for me. All of my paperwork was filled out and bills paid, and I never paid one penny for that accident! More on this