Motorbike Accident

Motorbike Accident

Motorcycle accident or bike accident is one of the most common road accidents in the UK today. Motorcycle is a powerful vehicle that provides little protection in the event of a collision. It gives you the thrill of speed, however reduces your visibility on the road. Most of the motorcycle accidents take place due to collision of a car with the motorcycle rider being anywhere between 17 to 24 years of age. Unlike other road accidents, bike accidents are much more complicated making it difficult to determine who is at fault. If the motorcycle accident was a no fault accident, as in the rider did not contribute, in any way, to the collision then a vehicle accident claim can get him full compensation. If, however, the rider is also at fault his compensation will be reduced by a certain percentage.

How would you know your stand in such a situation? Simply contact us. Our experienced solicitors would assess your case thoroughly and give you free advice on your prospect of success, value of the claim and what your next step should be. If you wish to proceed you can file a vehicle accident claim with us and we will represent your case. However, if you are not satisfied with the advice, you are under no obligation to proceed. A bike accident is not as straightforward as a car accident. Hence you are required to furnish certain vital documents to help assess the case in totality and determine the value of compensation due to you.

Motorbike AccidentSome of them include police report, crash expert report, CCTV evidence and any other evidence that may support your no fault accident. Our solicitors may, depending on the facts of your case, deal with your vehicle accident claim under the no win-no fee arrangement wherein you are not charged anything irrespective of whether your case wins or loses.

If you wish to be rightfully compensated for the loss, speak to our solicitor. Our team of committed and experienced solicitors will fight for you and obtain maximum compensation from court. Normally, the value of compensation depends on the severity of your injury, the length of time you suffered and any long term disabilities. To this effect, your compensation may vary anywhere between £1400 for minor head injury to $258,000 in the unfortunate event of long term paralysis.

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