Forklift Truck Accident

Forklift Truck Accident

Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that a fatality involving a forklift truck occurs once every six weeks. Many more suffer very serious injuries and could make a claim for forklift truck accident compensation.

Although forklift trucks can be very useful pieces of work equipment they are also very dangerous and are to blame for more serious accidents at work than cars and HGV’s combined.

Further statistics from the HSE show that every day of the year a British worker needs hospital treatment after being injured in a forklift accident.

Research shows that approximately two thirds of forklift truck accidents cause injury to someone other than the driver of the fork lift truck. This means that anyone working near a forklift truck or anyone visiting an area where a forklift truck is in use could be at risk of injury.

Members of the public are at risk of being injured by a forklift truck whilst visiting DIY stores, garden centres or warehouses open to the public where they are used regularly.