Accident in Shops

Accident in Supermarket

Accident in a supermarket is becoming as common as any other type of accident. Statistics from a 2007/2008 study revealed that over 2000 people were injured in UK as a result of accident in a retail outlet during that period. Accident in a store could happen due to one of the following

  • Slip in supermarket due to wet entrances or wet toilet floors
  • Trip in supermarket owing to loose tiles or boxes kept in the way or inadequately lit stairways
  • Unsafe storage leading to items falling from high shelves

Accident in a supermarket also includes getting injured by a moving vehicle inside the store or items falling from the moving vehicle causing you to trip or fall. However trivial a trip in supermarket or slip in supermarket may sound, it could lead to serious injuries or, in some cases, long term disabilities. Good news is, whatever be the nature of your trip or fall you can claim compensation for supermarket accident. We have a team of dedicated solicitors who specialise in accidents in retail outlet claim. Accident in a supermarket claim could be tricky as the shop owners would always want to protect their interest and hence it is advisable to seek legal help. To this effect, you are free to contact our expert solicitors for legal advice.

Accident in Supermarket

Our solicitors would provide you all the information related to your Accident in a store claim and how much compensation you are entitled to. You would be required to provide relevant documents to prove that it is the shop owner’s negligence that has caused you to trip or fall. Some of these documents include names and contact details of any witnesses who saw the accident or the defect, photos of the defective area that caused the accident, and records of any medical expenditure incurred due to the accident. Also, it is important to claim compensation for supermarket accident at the earliest so as to be able to prove the authenticity of the proof as well as the accident itself. Compensation for supermarket accident depends on the type of defect that caused the accident as well as the gravity of the injury. We have successfully handled a number of Accident in a supermarket claims and promise to strive to achieve maximum compensation for you.